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Check out my cheeks!!!

It's been a few weeks, but progress is slow in the land of skincare.  I've been good and have been starting new products on the two week schedule.  I'm still loving the Garden of Wisdom Niacinamide Serum and now I've also added TO's Natural Moisturising Factors neat in the morning and mixed with TO's Squalane Oil in the evening.

The NMF goes on smoothly and dries quickly when applied on its own.  It leaves my face moisturised, but not at all greasy.  When I add the squalane oil, it's a bit heavier and the perfect texture for a night cream.  It still dries down fairly quickly and doesn't feel as if it leaves residue on my pillow case.

I'm using TO's AHA 30% BHA 2% Acid Peel once a week for 10 minutes at a go.  Much like my previous experiences with glycolic acid, I'm not sure this is doing a lot that I can see.  I'm subbing one of my thrice a week Clearasil SA pads with this and the BHA does its job of helping prevent breakouts, but I'…

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